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  • Tiffany S Rogers


    Ever felt alone, rejected or misunderstood? Or simply just felt overwhelmed with many obstacles coming at once? If you have, you are not the only one, nor are you in this by yourself. In fact, I believe that it is my duty and my obligation to give you support and help you realize that there is a way to get your life back, to become a better you! Regardless if it is addiction, depression, anxiety or just overall life- you can overcome whatever you are facing with the right tools , skills and support.

    My name is Tiffany Rogers and I have been in Community Based Mental Health since 2007 and I have been in Private Practice since 2017 with Rogers Counseling Services. I specialize in Substance Abuse Counseling and Mental Health Counseling, with focus primarily consisting of adolescents and adults. No I am not you, nor do I pretend to know exactly how you feel in every situation. However, what I can do is stand with you in your pain while we get through it together! I can guarantee you that I will provide you with professional counseling without judgment but with empathy and compassion.